Notion’s Leadership Mentoring & Executive Coaching Programme

Background about Our Coach Training

We pride ourselves in offering only the UK’s top Executive Coaches and Tutors working with us to train, supervise and develop new and qualified Executive Coaches as well as delivering top-class 1-2-1 and group Executive Coaching and Mentoring ourselves.

As a team we have trained over 110,000 senior managers and coached and mentored over 5,000 businesses.

We work across both the Public and Private sectors. Recent work within the Public sectors includes working in partnership with Birmingham City Council delivering 1-2-1 Executive Coaching with 70 senior managers (which received two mentions within their recent Inspection report when they were awarded a grade of ‘2 stars and improving’), NWDA to help them deliver large scale coaching programmes in both the not for profit and commercial sectors, as well as Coach Training for Invest Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland’s equivalent of Business Link).

We also develop leading edge resources to help coaches with their Continued Professional development (CPD) to become even better and to the benefit of their respective organisations. These resources are designed to be accessible and affordable for all coaches and can be delivered in a number of innovative ways.

As an organisation committed to coaching we are keen to support other organisations that are establishing their own internal coaching capability.

Our Executive Coach Training is designed to provide you with the very best Executive Coach Training available in the UK today. It will be delivered by individuals who are not only seasoned and passionate trainers, but by some of the countries most experienced Executive Coaches who can bring the subject to life to inspire the delegates. The end result for you will be qualified Executive Coaches (who not only understand the theory but also are commercially pragmatic), and a faster return on investment to your organisation.

Programme Tutors

Cathy Lasher

  • Trained as a practicing, professional coach (with the International Coach Federation)

  • Trained as a coach supervisor by Centre for Development, Coaching Supervision academy and the Centre for Supervision Training

  • Practicing as a professional executive coach, supervisor and trainer for over 14 years

  • Worked with senior civil servants (grade 7 to Permanent Secretary) in Defra, Dft, ODPM (now DCLG), DCA

  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

  • Member of The Association of Coaching and International Coach Federation

  • Trained MBTI deliverer

  • Trained Psychotherapist

  • 25 years’ experience in senior leadership roles

Martin Goodyer

  • One of Europe’s leading Executive and Business Coaches

  • Founder member of the Association of Coaching

  • Co author of CPD for Coaches programme

  • Inspirational trainer

  • Honours degree in Psychology

  • NLP Master Practitioner Qualifications

  • Worked extensively with Universities including Oxford Brookes, Birmingham City University and University of Glamorgan

  • Regular expert speaker on Coaching and Behavioural change for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel

Stephanie Greasley

  • Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Diploma and Certificate in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching Professional Corporate and Executive coach, tutor, speaker and author. 

  • Author of ‘0-60’

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP

  • Qualified and Practising Executive Coach

  • Significant Experience implementing Coaching Cultures in organisations 

  • 25 years’ experience in senior leadership roles


Bill Sanderson

  • An outstanding professional Trainer and Executive Coach for over 20 years

  • Visiting Lecturer at Manchester Business School for 15 years

  • Lecturer at University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Member of the Association of Coaching

  • Significant experience delivering large scale programmes (over 300 participants)


The Coaching Syllabus

Notion’s Certificate in Leadership Mentoring & Executive Coaching Programme consists of:

  • Induction Session
  • Q & A Conference Call
  • 2 x 3-day workshops (or 3 x 2 day workshops)
  • +3 hours of Observed Telephone Practice Circles 
  • + 12 hours’ workplace coaching

It is assessed by the submission of a Work-based Assignment and a Coaching Diary

Learning Methods

Each workshop includes:

  • Plenary
  • Large and small group discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • A minimum of 6 hours’ peer coaching
  • 6 hours’ supported personal reflection (1 hour per day)

Participants have access to all books included in the recommended reading list during each workshop day


Each programme participant receives:

  • Accredited Coach Workbook containing notes and slides from each day along with space to make personal notes, reflections, and conclusions.
  • Accredited Coach Toolkit containing
  • hard copy of A4 slides used on the programme 
  • 1 data file containing soft copies of A4 slides and exercises
  • a series of exercises to use with clients
  • 3 audio files (MP3) of their personal supervised circles with specific tips for improvements 
  • fortnightly executive coaching tips

Post Programme Support

  • Participants work towards accreditation with individual 1-2-1 support
  • Each participant can make 2 x informal submissions for each assignment to gain feedback from assessors before their final submissions on agreed date.

 In addition they also receive:

  • Feedback and learning about their own MBTI profile
  • 1:1 telephone and email support during completion of assignments
  • Recommended reading lists
  • Access to exemplar assignments (for reference only)
  • Tips and strategies for writing and completing assignments
  • Supervised practice sessions between and after course modules
Due to our methods and experience delivering coach training we expect to achieve 100% pass rates and are prepared to guarantee pass rates of 90% for all participants who complete the programme – or we will credit you back their delegate fees! 


The Certificate is awarded to participants who successfully complete:

  • At least 45 hours’ guided learning and development by attending 6 days of workshops and 3 Supervised Coaching Circles
  • A 1500 word Work-based Assignment
  • A Coaching Diary based on a minimum of 12 hours’ workplace coaching.

Content Overview

Workshop One

Day One - Understanding the role of Coaching

  • Why the demand for leadership mentoring and executive coaching is growing
  • How organisations select leadership mentors and executive coaches
  • Identifying opportunities for leadership mentoring and executive coaching in organisations
  • Establishing credibility in organisations through appropriate personal qualities
  • Review of coaching competency assessment
  • The foundations which make mentoring and coaching a major lifelong learning opportunity for business leaders
  • Definitions, comparisons and key differences between coaching and other leadership development interventions
  • Executive coaching v. personal coaching – similarities and differences
  • Establishing and continuing to develop self awareness of own personal style
  • Raising of understanding of legal obligations of diversity in the workplace
  • Valuing and working with personal aspects of difference within each mentoring and coaching client
  • Introduction of concept of the impact of how values and beliefs shape people’s perceptions
  • Supported, personal reflective practice

Day Two

  • Using the coaching framework and philosophies to develop effective practise and achieve maximum client impact
  • Establishing and agreeing desired outcomes
  • Gaining a clear reality through challenge and support
  • Identification of innovative options
  • Agreeing a willingness to take meaningful action
  • Working with a coaching blueprint to ensure all key elements are covered
  • Supported, personal reflective practice

Day Three

  • Identification of the source and type of personal beliefs
  • Tracking of the impact of personal beliefs on behaviour, personal growth and achievement
  • Recognition of beliefs in action
  • Re-modelling of beliefs to create personal empowerment
  • Identification of values as motivators
  • How to work with personal values hierarchy and values in conflict
  • Alignment of values as an aid to personal empowerment
  • Working with and staying non-judgmental around other people’s values
  • The impact on the relationship and outcomes of developing clear ethics in mentoring and coaching
  • Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of the elements of the MBTI profile on coaching and leadership competency
  • Supported, personal reflective practice

Observed and Supervised Coaching Practice Circles

  • Opportunity to be the Coach, Coachee and Observer dealing with real Coaching subjects
  • Live supervision and Observation by a leading Coach – individual feedback provided
  • Session Recording provided as MP3 to playback and review own performance 

Workshop Two

Day One

  • Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of TA profile on coaching and leadership competency
  • Raising awareness and understanding of the relevance of the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) communication model to mentoring or coaching
  • Identifying clients’ ‘models of the world’ and their impact on perception, language and thinking
  • Identifying and working with sub modalities to enhance clients’ mental strategies
  • Developing high impact questions, link words and statements to motivate clients
  • Working with clients’ language filters
  • Anchoring resourceful states to inform effective behaviour and thinking
  • Recognising empathy as a key foundation to the strength of the mentor/client or coach/client relationship
  • How to build empathy with each client and key stakeholder
  • Rapport strategies, including, matching and leading to support resourcefulness in each client
  • Supported, personal reflective practice

Day Two

  • Developing own code of conduct and ethics around coaching relationships
  • Contracting with the coaching client, the sponsor and the organisation
  • Development of a range of key insights to increase understanding of issues around common leadership challenges presented for discussion by clients in mentoring or coaching relationships
  • Gaining an insight into organisation culture types and the potential impact of each type on the success of mentoring or coaching
  • Recognition of how organisation communication strategies can help or hinder the leadership development
  • Setting up leadership mentoring and executive coaching for success
  • Supported, personal reflective practice

Day Three

  • Development of a range of key insights to increase understanding of issues around common leadership challenges presented for discussion by clients in mentoring or coaching relationships
  • The importance of building and maintaining professional networks to support development of mentoring and coaching practice
  • How to establish, develop and maintain client and colleague networks
  • Supported, personal reflective practice

Post Workshop Support

  • 1-2-1 telephone and Email support for each delegate to help progress formal and informal submissions assessment


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"This is really a ‘can do’ course. Cathy directed the course and kept it on track, avoiding all digressions when they became unhelpful. She also had a very intuitive assessment of candidates which was very helpful." Douglas Brown, Manager, NHS Trust


"You demonstrated the art of coaching very well, and pushed us to do it ourselves. You coached us through the course incredibly effectively. This course (Cathy) gets you coaching from the first hour. There is no substitute for doing it, and this course does it! Learn through practice and a healthy dose of practical, usable theory. Do, feel, think and then do it better – that’s what Cathy’s course does." Giles Nightingale, Home Office Manager


"Many thanks for a fascinating introduction to coaching. I am still re-living it! I usually find workshops and training sessions one-dimensional for me, and frequently leave before they’ve finished. I was amazed how much I learned – and in unexpected ways!" Fiona McLaren, Consultant


"A thoroughly enjoyable course delivered by a totally excellent coach, with plenty of opportunities to observe and practice. Cathy was totally focused, not only when she was coaching herself, but all the way through. I felt as if she was 100% there with us throughout the course. I would highly recommend this to others." Bryony Ellis, Coach Manager


"Cathy is very skilled as a trainer. She packs a lot into the course, and at the end, everyone in the course had learnt a lot, both about themselves and about coaching. She was particularly excellent at coaching us at coaching, providing feedback and drawing out learning points." Joy MacKeith, Freelance Management Consultant

"I loved your professionalism and your skill; the fact that you brought the whole of yourself, including the fun aspect. I enjoyed watching you draw everyone out, thus affirming them and allowing them to develop their own skills and personal style." Petra Kerridge, counsellor in the public sector

"I loved your approach. I particularly loved the unassuming generosity with which you shared your expertise and coaxed and challenged me to enhance my skills." Tim Schuler, Independent Training and Development Facilitator

"You were amazing at holding the whole thing together. The structure of the training really worked. You demonstrated openness towards feedback." Chantal Steuble, UBS

"You demonstrated the effectiveness of skilful communication both in the delivery of the workshop and in your interventions and suggestions to us in practice pairs. You also responded to and held our queries and requests, and celebrated each person’s individuality." Tui Pankhania, Psychotherapist

"I like your style – relaxed, capable, observant. I particularly valued your feedback, which was sensitive, clear and to the point. You always seemed to pick up on points that needed our attention." Mick Hoffe, Trainer, Impact Consulting Group



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