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“We are very excited to have 'found' you. We are impressed with the fact that you have experienced the things we discussed (rather than just read about it in a text book) and were able to give us actual, practical advice.”


Cat Young

MD Solve the Web


“Cathy asks the most insightful questions!”


“The main learning for me is to understand where to start from (self-evaluation), to recognize how to achieve the desired results and to impart my learning to my colleagues to achieve higher sales.”


Will B., Director

Topos Creative Packaging Ltd.


“The work with Polly offered help developing a structured and realistic plan to set about gaining new business and learning that you have to make new business development a part of your working week..once you have got some new business in you must keep chipping away at other potential new clients, learning not to give up, learning that sometimes you will feel despondent but that good things come to those who don't give up!”


Charlotte Grinling

Design Direction


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